The Appin action

  • 1. Select a feature
  • 2. Get a flood risk profile
  • 3. View flood defences in place
  • 4. View Live flood warnings
  • 5. View a 5 day forecast
1.  Select a feature2.  Get a flood risk profile3. View flood defences in place4. View Live flood warnings5. View a 5 day forecast

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Where does the Flood Risk Data come from?

All Flood risk data is provided by the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales.


The flood data graphics are very pixellated on screen

We were going to make that look a lot prettier and smoother - however, it would also mean we are tampering with the flood data, rendering it inaccurate - we'd rather be correct than look cool!


My property is in a High Risk area - what should I do?

The risk of flood is based on flood risk from Rivers and Seas. There are many other types of flood risk, nevertheless, we would advise that you speak to your insurer.

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